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Training Services

Learning is the key to unlocking the full potential of your Vacation Rental Software. To ensure that you and your staff enjoy the optimal CiiRUS experience, and is up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements, we deliver specialized training courses in a variety of formats. To find out more or to schedule a training session, please call 1-321-251-8020.

On-Site Personal Training

Our accredited system trainers visit your offices to show you how to make the best use of your software. Upon completion of training, you and your staff members will feel confident using CiiRUS as your Vacation Rental Software.


You and your staff members can receive training wherever you are located in the world with our online training videos. This training option is very attractive because it covers all aspects of the system while watching at your own pace without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses. We encourage all staff members to watch each training video to stay up-to-date with new features.

One-on-One Training

Personalized training is available so you and your staff members can ask questions that pertain specifically to your company, train newly hired staff, or teach existing staff entirely new skills.

System Consulting

At CiiRUS, we make it our goal for you to better understand your existing system and make sure you are using it to its fullest potential. This is accomplished through the process of analyzing system utilization, the identification of training requirements, and in the end, a detailed plan of action. System Consulting provides a complete overview of your CiiRUS account and system training tailored to your company needs. The results include recommendations for software configuration, optimal usage and reporting recommendations. We also provide appropriate resources to help equip your staff with the skills and product knowledge to successfully carry out their day to day operations

Support Resources

We’d like to make it our goal for you to achieve the highest possible satisfaction and results from CiiRUS. Our Technical Support Team are here to make sure you are fully utilizing your system correctly and effectively. For questions, issues, or requests, you can submit a trackable ticket to us ether by going to the Support & Documentation section of your account (Submit a Request), or by or you can always call our office at 321- 251-8020 and a representative will be able to assist or direct your call.


Owner Statements

The homeowner statements can be viewed by the owner from the Online Homeowner portal. Backdated statements are available and statement displays:

  • The balance brought forward from the previous month
  • Ending Balance
  • Minimum Owner Balance
  • Balance due to/from the homeowner
  • Itemized transactions for the selected month

The owner portal can also display transactions 'Year to Date' these transactions are grouped by service type. Owner statements can be exported or printed in all common file formats including; PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML or RTF. Exports can be useful if importing data to accounting software.

The Property Manager can also set the system to auto send the owner statements by email. Selected scanned bills and invoices can be attached to the owner statement. Delivery receipt, read option and a copy sent to the Property Manager options are also available. A payment link can be added to the statement for owner to make payment when the account is negative


Inventory Control

The inventory checklist enable the Property Manager and homeowner to monitor the inventory for the selected home. Items can be added/edited and notes added by both the Property Manager and homeowner for each item. For example if a remote control is missing or broken the notes for the inventory are available.



The Property Manager can set the features that are available for a homeowner portal, on case by case basis. The back-office application stores account information for utility bills and other accounts where the Property Manager pays bills on behalf of the homeowner. A long term home can be set not to display on the website or can be routed to the long term search engine (this search is specifically designed to display long term rentals and is independent to the short term search engine.

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