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Cloud Based Environment

Ciirus is a multi-user, multi-location system that can be accessed from a desktop application, a web browser and mobile devices simultaneously. For Example - Your organization has three offices, one in London the second in Florida and a third in New York. Each office has multiple staff and each member of staff can use the desktop edition while at the office or laptop outside of the office. The web browser edition can be used when you cannot access the desktop or laptop or use the mobile edition on the go. All the data is centrally stored, all devices from all authorized locations can access data and update data in real-time.

Offline Data Viewer

The offline data viewer can be used to access data when the internet connection is unavailable. This is where an Internet outage is known in advance. For example:

  • A hurricane, earthquake or tornado warning is issued
  • The Internet provider issues an advance Internet Outage notice
  • You decide to manually backup your data locally on a regular basis

Please note the offline data viewer requires a manual backup to a local computer in order to view the data off-line (this is not an automatic backup procedure to access the offline data viewer).

To download data locally:

Ciirus > Management Company > Copy Data Locally

If an Internet connection is unavailable, you can also attempt to connect Ciirus to access live data, by using a cell phone as a hotspot.

Limitations of the offline data viewer:

Data is read only, data cannot be saved to the offline data viewer

  • Owner details
  • Property details
  • Bookings
  • Cleans
  • Work orders
  • Contacts
  • Schedule

If Internet is unavailable, the following are Not affected:

  • Websites and booking engines are live
  • Owners with internet connection can access the owner portals
  • Guest portals are active
  • Notifications and Scheduled CRM emails are sent as normal
  • Home automation active (if the home has network access)
  • Housekeeping and maintenance can access the portal (if they have internet access)
  • Staff that have Internet access from other locations, can fully access the system as normal

Please note: The above does not affect the live online (live) data backups, live data is automatically backed up to the backup servers as normal.

Advanced Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard can be configured for various views, set to show a specified number of days ahead and is interactive. The main formats for the Dashboard:

  • Combined list view displays: Arrivals, Departures, Housekeeping, Work Orders and Card payments
  • Time-line view is a graphical format that displays a row for each home and the color rectangles contain information
  • Map View displays an area map, clicking on a home will display information about the selected home
  • Other Dashboard view includes: Housekeeping, Owner Accounts, Voice & Communication, Tutorials and Videos and Overview mode

System Messages

Ciirus updates the software about once a month. We add new features based on feedback from our customers. Generally we don't charge for updates and make updates available to all our customers. The system messages display any important information direct to the dashboard and also displays any additional features that have been added for the current release version.

IP Access Restriction

The software can be set to operate from multiple specified IP addresses only. This further increases security by only allowing access to the system from specific locations. When the IP Restriction feature has been set to on, using only the user name and password will not allow access to the system. The user must be in an authorized location to enter the user details to access the service.

Real-Time Cloud Based Backups

Data is backed up in real-time, as data is input, the system replicates data to a second disk. The data is also backed up to a second remote server. None of our servers are located at any of our offices. All the data is securely located on secure 1 and 1 data center.

Instant Notifications of Key Events

A notifications tab is provided that displays events as they happen in real-time. The Notification tab is also a pull out window that can be viewed separately on a second or third computer monitor. Event sounds can be turned on/off. Some of the notifications include new/edited/updated bookings, work orders, cleans and most events are also displayed, even when being updated from an external source like an incoming XML/API connection that places a booking from an external Travel Agent. This feature allows you to see all events from all staff, guests, vendors, suppliers and owners on one screen in real time

Staff Access Level Permissions

Each member of staff has a user name and password set by the administrator. Each user can only access features the administrator has permitted for the selected member of staff (or external user). For example it's quite common to only allow reservation screen access to the reservation staff and accounts access to the accounts department (or Accountant located in another location). This provides greater security as only relevant data is viewed and accessed.

Network Matrix

The routing of data internally to the same account or sending data to another account is a seamless process. Data can be received or transmitted to any account using the Ciirus network without creating an external API or XML feed. Some data that can be sent or received include: selected homes, alternative rate sets for the selected homes and alternative description sets which provide maximum control of how the data is used.

Franchise Module

The Franchise module allows an administrator to set selected homes for a member of staff or another company. When the user or company accesses the system, they will only see homes that have been assigned to them, data from other homes is not visible and cannot be accessed. The administrator can see and edit all homes. Below are two examples of how this is typically used:

  • An organization manages 500 homes and employs 5 Property Managers. The administrator routes (sends) 100 homes to each Property Manager. When the Property Manager views the system they will only see the 100 homes assigned to them. The administrator sees all the homes.
  • An organization operates a parent company and five smaller companies. The master account can see homes for all six companies, however when an individual company access the system they only see the homes that have been assigned to them.

Security is further enhanced by also restricting access to selected screens which only authorized personnel can access. This makes the franchising module a flexible tool to manage staff or manage multiple companies. Furthermore an administrator can have multiple desktop windows open, one for each company and a master window that displays all the companies.

Audit Trails

Ciirus has a proprietary audit trail system that operates parallel with each account. The audit trail system records historical updates to reservations, housekeeping, maintenance and owner accounts. The system tracks what was updated, the time and day the update was made, the person that performed the update and the location of the person that performed the update. This feature enables the administrators to view all changes made to any item to minimize errors and disputes to changes made.

Data Exports

Most software provides per-configured reports only, this can be restrictive when data is required that is not contained in a standard report. Ciirus also provides a comprehensive set of default reports too, However Ciirus also offers a full visual report creator to allow non standard reports and exports too. Data can be exported directly from the application. The visual report creator makes it easy to select data to export by creating an export report and selecting the output format for the report. Ciirus provides the following file formats; PDF, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text file, Image and HTML.

Automated Emails

Most events in the system will trigger emails to be sent. Email templates can be created for various events. For example: A user defined booking confirmation email template can be used to auto send an email when a booking is made. The information contained in the email can be set from a template. A template can be created from over 50 tags that display information. Example of some tags: Balance outstanding, arrival date, WiFi code, key/lock code etc...

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