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  • ? Access to the full Enterprise Edition of Ciirus (see excluded items for some editions). Ciirus delivers the most advanced software tools available, providing all the tools required to effectively manage and grow your vacation rental business. Tools include: Owner accounting, reservations, connectivity, website, maintenance, housekeeping, franchise module, audit trails, billing an d much more. for a full list visit our feature page. Management Software
  • ? Ciirus delivers a flexible website and marketing engine that can display websites hosted on the Ciirus servers with multiple external inputs (connection to other systems) or websites hosted on an external server using our XML/API feeds (connects Ciirus data to external websites). All the tools required work out of the box (for internally hosted websites), we provide the best tools in the industry including powerful search engines and a comprehensive but easy to use guest reservation engine. The marketing tools help promote your websites and newsletter distribution with advanced filtering option for your mailing campaigns all managed from one central multi-user/ multi-location cloud-based software application. Website Connectivity
  • ? The Channel Manager allows your company to connect with listing services and various agents. Calendars are sent and received in real-time. Some companies like Home Away also have the ability to dynamically add reservations in real-time. Channel Manager
  • ? Calendar Sync allows an account that distributes homes for another Property Manager to sync the calendars when a booking is placed. This feature has advantages over our SuperSite services, where most rules are set by the Property Manager before being sent to your website or external feed. With calendar sync the home is actually copied to the agent account. This enables the agent to have complete control of the reservation and the reservation process as it is not forcing the rules set by the master account Property Manager, only the calendar is forced (the agent should understand and agree rules with the Property Manager before setting new rules and going live). When a booking is placed all connected calendars are updated in real-time. Homes can be sent and received from multiple Property Manager accounts. Calendar Sync
  • ? The advanced maintenance module contains:
    -Inventory stock controller with low level reorder status
    -Job templates, for example a 'Replace air filter' template could schedule and assign and dispatch the work order, deduct one air filter from stock, add the labor charge for this job type and update billing accordingly.
    -Projects - each work order is a project and a project can have multiple tasks assigned. Each task can be input manually or selected from a previously created template. Auto billing is updated on both the task and the project level.
    -Documents and images. Each task can contain multiple documents and images. For Example: A task could contain a contract PDF scan (or attachment) and various photographs attached to the task. Images and documents can be viewed directly from the application without installing additional software.
  • ? View/Edit guest information, associated reservation data and send automated email campaigns with advanced filtering options all from one consolidated easy to use interface, providing all the information you require with just a few clicks of the mouse. Advanced CRM
  • ? Your guests can use a web browser or mobile device to view reservation information, contact list, make payments for a booking and view local amenities. The Guest Communication Suite provides all the information the guest requires at anytime, for a better user experience and reduced customer service for the Property Manager and booking Agent. Online Guest Portal
  • ? The Franchise module allows an administrator to set selected homes for a member of staff or another company. When the user or company accesses the system, they will only see homes that have been assigned to them, data from other homes is not visible and cannot be accessed. The administrator can see and edit all homes. Below are two examples of how this is typically used:
    -An organization manages 500 homes and employs 5 Property Managers. The administrator routes (sends) 100 homes to each Property Manager. When the Property Manager views the system they will only see the 100 homes assigned to them. The administrator sees all the homes.
    An organization operates a parent company and five smaller companies. The master account can see homes for all six companies, however when an individual company access the system they only see the homes that have been assigned to them.
    Security is further enhanced by also restricting access to selected screens which only authorized personnel can access. This makes the franchising module a flexible tool to manage staff or manage multiple companies. Furthermore an administrator can have multiple desktop windows open, one for each company and a master window that displays all the companies.
    Franchise Module
  • ? In certain situations, tour operators and travel agents book a type of home and the actual home is allocated on or before the guest arrives. Ciirus has a module dedicated to this type of reservation. The reservation can be input from various situations for example Websites, XML, API, agent login, channel partners. All booking are placed into a holding area that accepts multiple bookings for the same date range until no more homes of that type are available. The property manager can then allocate these booking by drag and dropping them into actual homes. If the tour operator or agent is using the Calendar Sync feature, then the agent can also assign the booking to real homes across the network. Property managers that use Ciirus have made thousands of homes available for this type of reservation Allocated On Arrival
  • ? Check out the Guest Pass page for more information! GuestPass (Guest Login)
  • ? Ciirus has a proprietary audit trail system that operates parallel with each account. The audit trail system records historical updates to reservations, housekeeping, maintenance and owner accounts. The system tracks what was updated, the time and day the update was made, the person that performed the update and the location of the person that performed the update. This feature enables the administrators to view all changes made to any item to minimize errors and disputes to changes made. SecureTrack
  • ? The Search Engine Optimization tools are built into the software in order to maximize the effectiveness of search results returned by the search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc...). SEO Module
  • ? The Real-time JobTracker records the start time, duration and end time for a clean or work order using any touch-tone phone. The member of staff calls a number and enters the job ID. In real-time the office can see the job has started. When done the staff member calls number again to set the job end message. The office can track jobs not yet started, jobs in progress and jobs completed, saving time in communicating with maintenance and housekeeping staff. JobTracker
  • ? iPhone / iPad edition displays, reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, run quotes, take credit cards, upload photos and create work orders iPhone/iPad Edition
  • E-Signature
  • NC Trust Accounting Certified
  • ? Our connectivity services allow selected homes and selected data from your homes to route and be made available to external websites, website services, partners, listing services, travel agents and tour operators that are not directly connected to the Ciirus network. Connecting homes to external sources provide flexibility for your business. These services can send and receive booking information, auto create and send quotes, calendar information and more.. XML/API Feed
  • ? Ciirus can also provide portals for your Travel Agents. The agent portals are password protected, the agent can access the portal to place bookings for your homes using a secure password protected environment. The Property Manager typically sends discounted rate sets to the portal. When a booking is made, the master account is updated and notifications sent to all parties accordingly. The portal can work as white label or be fully customized as required. Agent Logins
  • ? Ciirus is the creator of the SuperSite technology. This technology allow a Property Manager to send selected homes to either a second website, an external feed or another account on the Ciirus network (not necessarily owned by you). Below are some example uses for a SuperSite:
    1. Your main website is in English and you would like a second website in Portuguese and a third in Spanish. You could send selected homes to each site, each with a different description and alternative pricing (rate set).
    2. A number of homes are located in one resort and would like a website that only displays homes for the selected resort. Only homes located in the resort will display.
    3. You work closely with a travel agent and would like to provide them a website with your homes. Selected homes can be routed, discounted pricing sent, alternative description sets sent (the Property Manager is in control of what is sent to the remote website and how the data is used)
    All the above situations, track buy rate, sell rate, commissions and source information that can be viewed in various reports to create invoices etc...


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