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The Housekeeping module has been specifically designed for short term rentals. By default, the system auto schedules an end of stay clean on the day of departure when a reservation is placed, it also schedules the default cleaner/cleaning company that has been assigned to the home. This can be updated at anytime. A default housekeeping report is provided, additional custom reports can be created using the housekeeping report creator, over 40 housekeeping tags are available for housekeeping reports (Tag examples: time and day of next arrival, comments, clean type etc..). Reports can be delivered in various methods including email, export, print and save. All common file formats are available. Housekeeping status (not started, in progress, completed) is displayed in real-time from the back-office software saving time and calls to housekeeping. The system records the start time and end time using our real-time job tracker technology (see below), via a dedicated touch-tone phone link and transmits the information to the office control panel in real-time. A service login is also provided, this feature can be used from a cell phone, tablet or other mobile device. Housekeeping will only see tasks they have been assigned. Staff can add notes and send images to the office control panel. All housekeeping charges and billing are customizable and automated.


The interactive Maintenance module can receive work orders from manual input by a member of staff, a home owner via the owner edition or triggered by an event. The maintenance module can dispatch work orders in real-time to on site staff. When a work order arrives it can be dispatched direct to the maintenance staff member cell phone, start/end times, comments, pricing and markups, taxes are recorded. Work orders can also be displayed via reports. Real-time work order status is available via the JobTracker module. Jobs display as (not started, in progress or completed) saving time and calls to maintenance and charges sent to the owner statement for processing. A Work order can also be viewed by maintenance staff directly from a cell phone via the service logon, this screen has been optimized for cell phones and tablets, they display only work orders that have assigned to them. Maintenance staff can add notes to a work order, notes are transmitted to the main back office system. One click takes a photo, creates a work order and uploads the photo to the office and (if enabled) sends a copy of the photo to the home owner. Traditional single and listed work order reports are also available, these reports can be created, printed, exported (in various formats) and saved. A visual cost summary displays selected jobs in progress and shows profit/loss for the selected jobs.

The advanced maintenance module contains:

  • Inventory stock controller with low level reorder status
  • Job templates, for example a 'Replace air filter' template could schedule and assign and dispatch the work order, deduct one air filter from stock, add the labor charge for this job type and update billing accordingly.
  • Projects - each work order is a project and a project can have multiple tasks assigned. Each task can be input manually or selected from a previously created template. Auto billing is updated on both the task and the project level.
  • Documents and images. Each task can contain multiple documents and images. For Example: A task could contain a contract PDF scan (or attachment) and various photographs attached to the task. Images and documents can be viewed directly from the application without installing additional software.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Mobile Application

The secure mobile web application display jobs on any web enabled cell phone or tablet. The display will auto resize depending on the device being used. The staff member will only see jobs that have been assigned to them. Notes can be added to the mobile device and the notes are transmitted to the office

Real-time JobTracker

The Real-time JobTracker records the start time, duration and end time for a clean or work order using any touch-tone phone. The member of staff calls a number and enters the job ID. In real-time the office can see the job has started. When done the staff member calls number again to set the job end message. The office can track jobs not yet started, jobs in progress and jobs completed, saving time in communicating with maintenance and housekeeping staff

Staff Scheduling Calendars and Reminders

The Scheduler is similar to an Outlook calendar where pop-up reminders can be scheduled for single or recurring jobs. The main difference is that each home is displayed on a separate line. For Example: The calendar could contain a recurring reminder to change the air filter on a specific day of each month. The visual calendar can be viewed in time-line mode, month, week or day mode for a single or multiple homes.

Contact Manager and Vendor Communication

The combination of the scheduler, real-time JobTracker, mobile login, basic and advanced maintenance and housekeeping module ensures optimized communication between office and field staff at all times. Unlimited tasks can be assigned to small or large projects making it easier to track and bill individual parts of any size project.

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