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Channel Partners

Ciirus has integration agreements with both local and Global Channel Partners (for example: HomeAway, FlipKey, Tourico etc..). Enabled homes will stream directly to the selected channel. The calendars will be in sync and for some channels such as HomeAway, the advert is automatically created too. We add new Channels each month and also connect to systems like Tourico who in turn connect to over 4000 Travels Agents worldwide. Contact us for a current list of Channel Partners

Travel Insurance

Use your CiiRUS account to work with various travel insurance companies, using purpose-built reports and cart extra tools. We are also working on automated XML feeds with industry leading insurance providers. The automated feeds will create the policy with the insurance company at the time the reservation has been placed. You can set insurance to be mandatory or as a selectable extra from the Online reservation check out. Contact us for more information about our upcoming integrations.

Email Responders

An email responder will send quotes and respond to adverts that arrive from listing services. In most cases the system will produce and send a quote email in real-time that is sent directly to the potential guest based on a template created by the Property Manager or Agent. The quote or responder email will follow rules you have set in your account for each listing service. We are currently working with Property Manager Tools and MyVRMS for email responder services.

Customer Rewards Program

CiiRUS Rewards, Powered by REWARDS ETC, promotes frequent travel via unique marketing solutions, including customized Points Rewards System as well as Gift Cards. All solutions are fully customized for your requirements:

Here are some the benefits of the Rewards Program:

  • Encourage frequent, return visits
  • Sell Gift Card
    Encourage longer stays
  • Less cancellations
  • Simplified interface to manage rewards and gift cards (ask for a demo)
  • Fully integrated to the CiiRUS platform
  • Advance functionality to automate points and cash back rewards (see Advanced Features)
  • Allow users to see their balance Online
  • Low monthly fee!

XML / API Services and iCal Output

Our connectivity services allow selected homes and selected data from your homes to route and be made available to external websites, website services, partners, listing services, travel agents and tour operators that are not directly connected to the Ciirus network. Connecting homes to external sources provide flexibility for your business. These services can send and receive booking information, auto create and send quotes, calendar information and more..

CiiRUS Reservation Partners

By default Ciirus assumes you already have established travel partners. However, Ciirus also has hundreds of travel partners that can provide bookings for your homes if required. For example Florida has less bookings in the month of September and some homes may need more help if your current suppliers are unable to supply bookings for that period. Ciirus Reservation Partners can help when help is requested. The system is flexible, cost effective and the Property Manager is always in control of homes, availability and pricing:

  • No additional monthly fee
  • The new agents selectable by the Property Manager
  • Homes set by the Property Manager
  • Descriptions sent, set by the Property Manager (Ciirus allows unlimited description sets - managers typically send generic descriptions)
  • Availability set by the Property Manager (For Example: you may only need help for selected homes just for September)
  • Discounted pricing available to agent is set by the Property Manager (The agent can typically mark up the price to retail).
  • Get paid in advance

Partner Management Company Homes Distribution

Partner Management Company Homes Distribution works both ways. Sometimes a Property Manager is also a distribution hub for rentals. If you have an agreement with a Property Manager that uses Ciirus to distribute some or all of your homes, the homes can easily be routed to multiple Property Manager websites where you have an agreement. This also works in reverse, perhaps you need more homes to display on your website, we have an agreement with selected Property Managers to make these homes available on other Property Manager websites. The commissions and rates typically have been per-agreed between the manager and agent. We are always happy to introduce you to Property Managers that participate.

Calendar Sync with External Homes

Calendar Sync allows an account that distributes homes for another Property Manager to sync the calendars when a booking is placed. This feature has advantages over our SuperSite services, where most rules are set by the Property Manager before being sent to your website or external feed. With calendar sync the home is actually copied to the agent account. This enables the agent to have complete control of the reservation and the reservation process as it is not forcing the rules set by the master account Property Manager, only the calendar is forced (the agent should understand and agree rules with the Property Manager before setting new rules and going live). When a booking is placed all connected calendars are updated in real-time. Homes can be sent and received from multiple Property Manager accounts.

SuperSite Technology

Ciirus is the creator of the SuperSite technology. This technology allow a Property Manager to send selected homes to either a second website, an external feed or another account on the Ciirus network (not necessarily owned by you). Below are some example uses for a SuperSite:

  1. Your main website is in English and you would like a second website in Portuguese and a third in Spanish. You could send selected homes to each site, each with a different description and alternative pricing (rate set).
  2. A number of homes are located in one resort and would like a website that only displays homes for the selected resort. Only homes located in the resort will display
  3. You work closely with a travel agent and would like to provide them a website with your homes. Selected homes can be routed, discounted pricing sent, alternative description sets sent (the Property Manager is in control of what is sent to the remote website and how the data is used)

Listing Services

Ciirus has integration agreements with both local and Global Channel Partners (For Example: HomeAway, FlipKey, Tourico etc...). Enabled homes will stream directly to the channel. The calendars will be in sync and for some channels such as HomeAway, the advert is automatically created too. We add new Channels each month and also connect to systems like Tourico who in turn connect to over 4000 travels agents worldwide. Contact us for an up to date list of channel partners.

Agent Integration

Ciirus can also provide portals for your Travel Agents. The agent portals are password protected, the agent can access the portal to place bookings for your homes using a secure password protected environment. The Property Manager typically sends discounted rate sets to the portal. When a booking is made, the master account is updated and notifications sent to all parties accordingly. The portal can work as white label or be fully customized as required.

Discount and Coupon Codes

Discount and Coupons can be created, distributed and tracked. When the guest enters a coupon code at the time of reservation, the relevant discount will be applied to the reservation before checkout. Codes can be set as specific amount discounted per day (Example: $5 off per night) or coupons applied to the entire stay (Example: $100 voucher).

C.R.M (Customer Relationship Manager)

View/Edit guest information, associated reservation data and send automated email campaigns with advanced filtering options all from one consolidated easy to use interface, providing all the information you require with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Guest Communications Suite (2015)

Your guests can use a web browser or mobile device to view reservation information, contact list, make payments for a booking and view local amenities. The Guest Communication Suite provides all the information the guest requires at anytime, for a better user experience and reduced customer service for the Property Manager and booking Agent.

Email Automation Engine

When bookings are placed or amended, emails are automatically sent to all relevant parties. The emails are template driven, you can create custom emails for different situations and select the data to be displayed for each. This includes the automated emails sent for balance due reminders that can contain a payment link. Balance due dates can be per-set or manual and the content and frequency that emails are sent can be fully configured each situation.

Auto Balance Due Reminders

When an outstanding amount is due for a reservation, the software sends a reminder email to the guest with a link to make payment for the outstanding balance. The rules for sending balance due emails, the frequency that emails are sent and the templates used can be configured and set from the balance due control panel.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Ciirus provides an integrated reviews engine. Guests can write a review via one or more of your websites. The reviews are not auto published, instead the reviews are sent to an incoming reviews control panel. Reviews can be edited, deleted and published. The integrated reviews system will also help your search engine optimization as many reviews systems are external services provided to websites, generally this only helps the organization that is providing the review system and does not help your search engine optimization efforts. The Ciirus reviewing system is integrated and is part of your website. The search engines will read and rank the information from your website and help increase your rankings. Ciirus even integrates with third party review systems like TripAdvisor and FlipKey

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager allows bidirectional integration with listing services and various other Portals. For example the Home Away integration allows all calendar outputs to be updated when Home Away add a booking. The opposite is also true, when the property manager or an allowed connection makes a booking the Home Away calendars are updated in real-time, this also applies to other portals like FlipKey,, Expedia etc. We add new connection each month, please view the Channel Manager to obtain the latest list of integrations. In certain cases the descriptions, images and rates can also be made available.

Instant Online Quotes

The quotes engine is an integrated feature that can be inserted into your website. When a guest requests a quote based on travel dates, the system will send a quote to the guest by email continuing the full description, photos, the quote and link to the page to book the home. Any quotes sent via the software are available in the Stored Quotes screens. Searchable Quotes can be recalled, edited/updated and converted to bookings. Quotes can also be sent directly from any of your staff computer terminals too. They are sent, stored and edited in the same as above

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