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Owner Accounting Module

Most of the owner accounting is automated, the system will add most entries based on per-calculated information available from the account. For example the system will automatically add reservation amounts due to owner, taxes, credit card fees, housekeeping, work orders, bills paid on behalf of the homeowner, recurring charges like management fees, lawn care and pool services etc..
Although transactions are automated, Ciirus also allows a manual override, a new transaction can be added manually and existing transactions can be edited or deleted. An audit trail system operates parallel with the Property Manager account and will track changes made by a member of staff or an administrator. The audit trail will track what was changed, the person that made the change, when the update was made and the location of the person when the change was made. This enables admin to track updates and history for account transactions. The audit trail also tracks reservations, housekeeping and maintenance updates. In the event of a transaction dispute, the historical information for the transaction is readily available.

Internal Accounting Mode

Ciirus has a built-in accounting software. This software is specifically designed for short term rentals and is faster than using an external accounting software like Quick Books for creating owner statements. The internal accounting system is directly linked to all areas of the account and is able to process information directly with the need to translate and export to Third Party Software. Many customers transfer to Ciirus for this reason alone as it save lots of time each month and minimizes errors when exporting to external software.

Real-time Bidirectional Quick Books Integration

Ciirus uses a proprietary two way connector for organizations that wish to use Quick Books for accounting. Please note that this is very different to that of our competitors as exporting data is a one way transaction update and not in real-time. Transaction updates after exporting, can get complicated and the export method can sometimes be prone to errors. The real-time connector is directly connected to your Quick Books software so when an update is made in Ciirus you will see Quick Books update the data in real-time. The copy of Quick Books can be located on the local computer, the local network or a computer that is connected to the Internet. For Example: Head office could update transactions and your Accountant, at another location that has Quick Books installed, is updated in real-time

Hybrid Accounting Mode

The Hybrid accounting mode can be set when some of the transactions are processed using the Internal accounting mode (see above) and other transactions are processed using the real-time Quick Books connector (see above). This method provides extra flexibility to organizational accounting, processing data in a customizable format to meet organizational requirements.

Billing Management

Ciirus provides a complete solution for Property Managers that pay utility or other bills on behalf of the homeowner. The Bill payments screen contains the following features

  • Batch Billing will consolidate all payable invoices to a supplier for a given date range and create one check, mark selected bills as paid and update the owner accounts accordingly
  • Single bill payment marks a bill as paid and optionally prints the check and updates the owner account
  • Bill Scanning - Bills can be scanned directly from the software. The scans can be retrieved from permitted location at anytime. The scan can be emailed, added to the owner statement (by default this features is set to off) or printed and saved.
  • The billing module is directly connected to the accounting and owner accounting system. All accounts are updated accordingly.

Asset Management

The Asset manager keeps track of any major purchases made for a home and stores warranty information for each product. The warranty is scanned directly using the application and the scans are centrally stored for retrieval. . For example if the Property Manager buys a freezer from Sears and six months later the Freezer breaks, the Property Manager can view the warranty information from any location to arrange the repair.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments can be set on a per vendor and per home basis and charges are automatically applied to the corresponding owner accounts. The following items can be configured for recurring payments

  • The months of the year where the charge should be applied
  • The day of the month the charge should be applied
  • The amount to be applied for each home
  • The vendor/supplier

Housekeeping Processing

One item that is not automatically transferred to the owner account is information from the housekeeping scheduler. Instead the housekeeping scheduler transfers information to the House keeping processing screen. This acts like a safety buffer transferring data to the owner account. Essentially it asks what actually happened to the clean (whereas the scheduler displays what was supposed to happen to the clean). The clean amount, the person or company assigned to the clean and clean date can be updated. For example, the cleaner assigned to the clean was unavailable and another cleaner cleaned the home, therefore, the amount for the new cleaner can be updated from the Housekeeping processing screen. Once updated all updated cleans are sent to the owner account

Maintenance and Vendor Accounting

Ciirus uses two maintenance modules, simple and advanced. Both modules send billing information directly to the internal owner statement and outputs data to Quick Books (if used).

Audit Trails

Ciirus has a proprietary audit trail system that operates parallel with each account. The audit trail system records historical updates to reservations, housekeeping, maintenance and owner accounts. The system tracks what was updated, the time and day the update was made, the person that performed the update and the location of the person that performed the update. This feature enables the administrators to view all changes made to any item to minimize errors and disputes to changes made.

Automated Balance Due Reminders

The rules and messages for balance due reminders can be independently set and automated. When the system detects an overdue balance it will use the rules set to send a per-configured customizable email and set intervals containing the message and a link to pay the outstanding amount. When the amount is paid the account is updated accordingly. Reports also exist that display outstanding amounts due.

Tax Reporting

The tax reporting module is customizable. Up to three tax amounts (%) per region can be set. Each region tax label can be set. For example Central Florida uses two taxes one 'Sales Tax' and the Other 'Tourist Tax' whereas the United Kingdom only uses one tax 'VAT'

The software calculates and collects taxes based on the tax regions set for each home. Each home can have up to three tax settings. Taxes are automatically sent to the owner accounts based on the rules set by the Property Manager. Pr-configured printed tax reports are available for some regions. The tax to owner statement can also be set to manual mode for certain situations, whereby the Property Manager would manually send the tax amounts to the owner statement.

The tax processing can also be set for specific categories only. For example: To only pay taxes to tour operators ( where tour operator has paid the Property Manager).

1099's and 1042's

For the United States it's a requirement for the Property Manager to declare income for the homeowner. Ciirus calculates the income, creates and prints the 1099 and 1042 forms that can be submitted to the IRS. The system provides a manual override for calculated amounts

Homeowner Account Delivery and View

The homeowner statements can be viewed by the owner from the Online Homeowner portal. Backdated statements are available and statement displays:

  • The balance brought forward from the previous month
  • Ending Balance
  • Minimum Owner Balance
  • Balance due to/from the homeowner
  • Itemized transactions for the selected month

The owner portal can also display transactions 'Year to Date' - These transactions are grouped by service type. Owner statements can be exported or printed in all common file formats including; PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML or RTF. Exports can be useful if importing data to accounting software.

The Property Manager can also set the system to auto send the owner statements by email. Selected scanned bills and invoices can be attached to the owner statement invoice. Delivery receipt, read option and a copy sent to the Property Manager options are available. A payment link can be added to the statement for owner to make payment when the account is negative.

Reservations Disbursements

The reservations disbursement module allows the Property Manager/Agent to send amounts to the owner statements based on customizable rules. For example: Only send owner payment if the agent has paid for all reservations arrived by a certain date range and deduct the commission before sending to the account.

Account Categorization and Reporting

Ciirus provides all the known default categories for the accounting module. However additional categories and sub categories can be added as required. Various accounting reports are available including reports where data is viewed by category. The categories are also connected to the Quick Books connector (if used), standardizing the data between platforms.

Check (Cheque) Printing

Checks can be printed from the billing module and accounts updated accordingly. When batch billing is being used the check will also print the multiple account numbers below the check too. This avoids having to write multiple checks to one supplier/vendor. The software can print on all standard formatted checks and has a print offset for printers that do not line up exactly with the standard check forms.

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